Jack-Up Rig Procurement & Supply Vessels

Calston Kingsland offers worldwide offshore rig and equipment procurement to the oil and gas industry. Beyond just drilling for oil, offshore exploration and production is a logistically-challenging endeavor that requires substantial means to transport fuel, water, drilling fluids, drilling equipment, and provisions. That’s why we focus on providing a complete solution that addresses not only drilling equipment procurement but also marine transportation services.

From jack up rigs and submersibles to cargo-handling and towing, we can handle your offshore equipment and transportation needs from start-to-finish and anything in between.


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Offshore Oil Rigs & Submersibles

  • Jack Up Oil Rigs
  • Haven Jack Up Rigs
  • Cyber Jack Up Rigs
  • Cantilever Jack Up Rigs
  • Submersibles

Oil Industry Marine Transportation

  • Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)
  • Fast Supply Vessels (FSV)
  • Anchor Handling, Towing and Supply (AHTS)
  • Specialty Vessels (SpV)
  • Tugs & Barges