Waste to Energy Solutions

Calston Kingsland procures and delivers innovative technology and equipment that converts solid waste into energy. The conversion of organic waste materials into electricity, fuel, and heat from this Waste to Energy (WtE) technology solution is done without emitting any toxic gases or hazardous residues to the atmosphere. Its robust design can process a variety of wastes ranging from municipal solid waste (MSW), such as plastics, paper, food waste, etc. to commercial and industrial wastes. This would enable our clients (mining companies, farms, municipalities, oil & gas companies) to create a completely self-sustaining system, independent of external energy supplies and also ensure better sustenance of the environment and ecosystems.

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While there are several emerging technologies for WtE that are often cited, most are either still under development or in the testing phase. The modular technology that we procure is proven, documented, scalable and operational.

We help our clients maximize the conversion value of their waste into valuable products.

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